Saturday, November 05, 2005

One, two, Freddy's coming for you....

Sadly, I did not have time yesterday to mention Pastor Fred Phelps' internet coup de grace. For those who visit, there is an extra special treat in store in the bottom righthand corner of the main page. There, a small counter keeps track of the number of days that Matthew Shepard and Daine Whipple have, alledgedly, been burning and suffering in Phelps' dantian conception of Hell.

Now, for those whose memories are a little foggy, Matthew Shepard was 21-year-old gay college student who was brutally beaten to within an inch of his life, tied to a fence and left for the elements to leech out the remainder of it. He was found 18 hours later and rushed to the hospital, where he lingered on the edge of death for nearly five days before succumbing to his injuries. Diane Whipple was a 33-year-old lady who was horrifically mauled to death by two out of control dogs, and happened to be a lesbian.

Now, the level of hate demonstrated by Fred in creating these two links is quite staggering. In fact, it has to be seen to be believed, which is exactly what I would advise you do just to remind yourselves how evil people can be. For God's sake (no pun intended), these people died horrific deaths and, whether straight or gay, nobody warrants this kind if treatment. The level of vitriol in Pastor Phelps' summary of Diane Whipple ('she lived like a beast, died like a beast, at the hands of beasts, and is mourned by a family of beasts') leaves one in no doubt that, when it comes to preaching, Fred's is almost certainly of the fire and brimstone variety. However, let no one doubt that Fred does not take his work seriously: anxious that no sinner underestimate the level of suffering set aside for fags in Hell, there are included two methods of hearing how Phelps' fevered imagination would have Matthew pleading with them to avoid his fate. By bringing the pointer over Matthew's face (or by clicking the link below), one can hear a blood-curdling scream followed by the words 'for God's sake listen to Phelps'. I cannot help but wonder who provided the voice for this little audio extravaganza: perhaps a loyal parishioner; or perhaps one of the 52(!) unfortunate sprogs who get to call him Granddad

Well, you can always count on religion to foster understanding and toleration...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phelps and you both display an arrogance which drives you to permeate the internet with your self-indulgent beliefs. Making decidedly scathing attacks on people that the pastor and you believe to be a ‘waste’ of resources (God’s and yours respectively - though maybe, you no longer see the difference). As a Pastor, Phelpsy has a duty to pray for you, whether you're a Christian or not, and to talk with you about Jesus, whether you're a Christian or not. You, as a doctor, have a duty to care for each of patients and their relatives, whether or not they are accepting of their fate or not. It is a matter of morality and humanity, which appears to be lacking in your characters.

You make snide remarks about ‘moaning’ patients doing their dying swan lake act in your company (how dare they!). Idiot family members clinging to hope while their relative slowly dies - is that the gist of your annoyance? Why can’t they be more logical and rational at such a time of bereavement? Are they not aware of your self-importance?

Perhaps, Phelps and you both suffer a grandiose ideation of your personal crusade. Phelps rises in the ranks of a religion and the decides his religion has not done enough to stop the ‘vermin’ from ‘spreading America with disease’. Equally, you have risen to society’s gold-medal career status, in Dr but found that the pesky patients don’t seem to appreciate that and continue to bother you. Phelps and you begrudge people with differing outlooks any emotional process and fail to acknowledge their personal choices. What’s worse is that both take on the position of a more worthy person; if only Phelps could’ve showed those ‘fags’ Gods way, and you, teach those relatives and patients to accept that their luck’s out.

And before you counter this with a “killing fags is hardly the same as…” diatribe, take time to reflect on your own position. So it you may think it OK to mock the patients with your middle-class friends, but I believe educated intolerance to be so much worse than some redneck Neanderthal’s

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