Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The End Cometh!

Thank the Lord! In 3 hours and 30 minutes I am released from the gruelling physical and psychological torture that is a week of nights. I shall burst forth onto the London streets and roll about them drunk with freedom. There will be sunlight. There will be flowers. There will be polite society with which to mingle!

Actually, fuck polite society! It's that very impolite society of the London drinking dens and meat markets that I crave now. To rejoin the endless saturnalia of those plastic poofs that swarm about the city centre on the prowl for a trick. Or to sway in dark and seedy rooms cloaked in bland and featureless buildings, intoxicated by the smell of sweat and sex and the hypnotic rhythms of an insistent bassline. Eyes darting; ever-alert, ever-moving, never-staring. Seething animal instinct beneath a rapidly-thinning veneer of respectability. The art of being disinterestedly interested.

No more clerking. No more Venflons. No more bleep bleep bleep of that stupid black box. No more sickness and dread at the thought of going back to my prison. No more.

A week of freedom is almost mine and fuck will I enjoy it!


Blogger linz said...

Hi. I happened to stumble across your blog and I thought I'd let you know it's one of the most entertaining blogs I've read in a long time!

8:16 am  
Blogger The Venial Sinner said...

That's very kind of you. When a friend of mine first told me he kept one, I couldn't quite see the point. Now that I've started though, I think it's kinda fun to put a little snippet of my insignificant life on the web for anybody to take a squizz at should they so wish.

I sometimes read blogs at random as well and I've found some really interesting ones along the way. I like the idea of popping your head into somebody's life for a brief instant to get a little idea of what things look like from their point of view. It's the wonders of the internet age.

10:02 am  

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