Monday, November 07, 2005

What It Is To Be Beautiful

And who said football was boring? How can it be when you have people like this running all over the field. Isn't he just amzing? Isn't he just the apotheosis of male beauty? Well? Isn't he?
And how extraordinary it must be to be that lucky! Not merely celebrated by innumerable football fans for his ability to be able to manipulate and control a leather bag of air - an idol to little hopefuls all over the world - but also beautiful enough to be a successful fashion model and to be voted most sexy man by his own country's folk. Truely, when they were giving out the gifts, Cristiano must have been pretty close to the front of the queue.
It does make me think of the incredible injustice of the lottery of life when you see people like Cristiano and compare them to some people you might meet elsewhere in life. Some people do seem to have the most awful lives. A physicality that could only have been obtained from scrubbing bogs for most of their lives; a mentality that is the product of a tragic interlectual deprivation; and a social existence that veers between the excruciatingly banal and frighteningly unstable. Mostly, these people have done nothing to deserve their fate save to have been born as who they are, when they are and where they are. Quite frankly, it's a miracle that people aren't more pissed off about the whole thing!


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