Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Ice Queen Strikes Back

What is this? ---------------->

Alas, this is me after a run in with the Ice Queen bitchosaurus of a registrar who made me stay behind late on a 10 hour shift by insisting that I clerk one more patient in the last 20 mins. She only had three fucking patients to be clerked and there were still two SHOs, a HO and herself after I went so it wasn't like they were drowning in referrals. I thought maybe she'd forgotten that I was supposed to go home at 7pm so I tried a little friendly tug at the heart strings by inquiring if she might have a reasonably simple one I could see quickly so I could get off on time (I later realised that said strings were not in fact attached to any heart, but to a cold, dark stone that remained resolutely unmoved by all tugging). There was a moment's pause before she looked up from her list, her naturally miserable face set like marble, and instantly froze me to the spot with her icey reply: as an SHO you should be seeing a patient every 15 mins! "OK.", I said slowly; "you horrible, bastard-faced, cold-hearted, evil bitch!", I thought quickly. Then, just to make sure I knew who was boss, she handed me some 900 year-old patient with "?TIA, decreasing mobility and confusion". A history and full neuro exam on some garrulous old baggage who barely even knows what day of the week it is never mind what's brought her in to hospital - that's just cruel!
No wonder I ended up having to be stretched out of the hospital at 7:40pm in the state shown above: worked to the bone and frozen to the core by the evil Ice Queen registrar.


Blogger Dazed & Confused said...

took me a few seconds to work out who you were...

welcome to the world of blog! it's quite addictive isn't it?

see you in the real world soon (hopefully)


PS. that was a heartwarming posting you put up a few days back. unfortunately it cloaks the actuality of how much of a total c**t you really are... here's to leitmotifs

12:34 am  
Blogger vegas said...

It's fascinating reading back through the blog and seeing your prose evolve and flower as the months have worn on. Unfortunately I am still stuck in the gutter calling everyone bastards but good luck to you O well-spoken one. Time for an update methinks.

10:27 pm  

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