Sunday, December 04, 2005


I had possibly the most pleasurable on-call ever last night. I saw three patients between 9pm and 1am, then I went to bed, and when I woke up (not even to the sound of my bleep, I might add) it was 7:30am! It was all too much and I must confess to having to bleep myself to make sure the thing hadn't stopped working and there weren't in fact queues of riotous patients waiting to be seen in A&E. It hadn't and there weren't. I'm praying for a repeat tonight but I fear there can be no pleasure without pain and it might be hell on Earth. Yet come what may, I'm determined to stay happy as tonight will be my last shift before my month long holiday starts! Yes, that's right - a whole month over Christmas and New Year. Hurray for the my crazy rotation!

There remains the slight problem of the exam. I'm beginning to wonder if failure might not be so bad a thing. Perhaps it will dispel this destructive idea that I might still just pass it with no revision provided I happen to get lucky because that's what happened with Part 1. Then again, I really don't fancy paying for and sitting it again so I suppose I'll use Monday and Tuesday to do as much last-minute cramming as is possible.

Finally, by some unknown mechanism, which will probably turn out to be really obvious, it would appear The Lost Doctor has somehow managed to find my blog. I had kinda intended to keep it private, though I'm not really sure why. Perhaps because I had copied his white-on-black background and was ashamed of my lack of orginality? Or perhaps not. Anyway, if you do happen to be reading this, don't take it too seriously - it's just a little bit of escapist fun for me!


Blogger vegas said...

nice blog comrade. I don't know who you are, but we will probably be in the same exam hall on Wednesday. Hope the on call is kind to you.

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