Saturday, December 10, 2005

Cortisol Overload

I'm drinking red wine to prevent myself having a heart attack (apparently it doesn't work, by the way). I have just spent the entire day on a train. Yes, the entire day. Just to collect my passport from the ever-so-conveniently located passport office in NEWPORT, SOUTH WALES! 5 hours round-trip for 10 minutes spent in the passport office. It was exhausting.
I subjected myself to this because I desperately want to go away. And I've now just spent 3 hours on Expedia/Last minute/Opodo trying to book a cunting holiday somewhere vaguely interesting and not ice-cold to absolutely no avail because none of the cuntish airlines do e-tickets! Sweet Jesus H. Christ, how can I book a paperless ticket to go to Wales on the backwards bloody railway system 6 hours before I travel but not to take a flight in 2 days time? How arcane are paper-cunting-tickets!
Anyway, I'm going to lie down in a darkened room with a wet flannel on my brow for an hour or two before I burst an artery or something. Then I'm going to get wrecked.
PS: Don't you think it's a little freaky that Riaz's bio-thing is written in the 3rd person? Kinda schizo, really.
PPS: Nein, Herr D&C. A different Ice Queen, but from the same mould.


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