Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Spirit Of Christmas Past

Just a quick 'un to prove I'm not dead....
Yeah! I'm back from my holiday in Marrakesh!
Marrakesh. Now there's a bit of fun. Kinda medaevial market town without the teeth. I have to say, for the cheap gourmand, it's heaven. You can have all the ponciness of French haute cuisine without the price. And a few Morracan prozzimodos flung in for good luck.
I note from the responses to my previous post that Andy keeps a keen enough eye on his website to ken who's been linking to it. To be honest, I think he has a fair enough point: he deserves to know who posted his link up on the web as an example of what he would not like to become. Andy is diametrically opposed to my ideal in life: he is a very effective doctor - the kind of doctor you'd want to see if you'd been in a car crash and you were bleeding out. He is not, however, the guy I'd probably want to see had I just been told that my CT scan showed a 'funny looking grey bit' that nobody was yet prepared to explain. As far as I'm concerned, Andy seems like one of those medics who would be far better at communicating with the consultants than with the patients. I could, of course, be wrong...but really how likely is that?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regard to "the cuntification of medicine", The feedback is indeed interesting. However for Dr Beggs to say that his now defunct website was not arrogant shows a gross lack of insight and judgement on his part. Both his and that of 'riaz' were paragons of self promotion without any mitigation or qualification attached.

Medicine was once viewed as magnanimous, however with this kind of self congratulatory rubbish being posted, I fear the last vestiges of that are in decay. Moreover with the recent drive towards modernisation striving to make medicine accesible and patient focused should people like this really be doctors? which rather 'beggs' the question wether the initial selection and interview process is in need of dramatic restructure itself.

11:38 am  
Anonymous Andrew Beggs said...

Yes - thanks "anonymous". Nice to see you too are too shy to reveal yourself.

The website was not designed to be self-promoting. I've taken it down, and learnt my lesson - in actual fact it was used by locum agencies for my CV etc, and was useful for getting locum work when I was an anatomy demonstrator.

Thanks for the funny pun, never heard that one before.

8:07 pm  
Anonymous Chris M said...

What was so bad on the Beggs website? I'd love to know. Obviously a raw nerve has been hit.

The other one however is hilarious!

2:37 am  

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